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Information for Residents
The trust is a Registered Charity (no. 210365) administered by a body of trustees.
Almshouses are not subject to the Rent Acts and residents receive the benefit of the homes in accordance with the Charity Commissioners' Scheme for the Regulation of the Charity. Residents are required to observe the rules and regulations for occupants of the Almshouses.

Residents are required to make a weekly contribution to the costs of maintaining the almshouse. The Weekly Maintenance Contribution includes repairs and maintenance, warden services, gardening, external lighting etc..

Repairs to the building, plumbing etc. will be carried out upon request to the warden, clerk or trustees.

Residents who are in receipt of a low income and do not have a lot of savings or investments are advised to claim Housing and Council Tax Benefits from the Housing Benefit Section of the Gravesham Borough Council.