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The Warden (back to top)
The Warden's main duties are to act as a good neighbour to each of the residents and to look after the building. In an emergency it is the warden's job to summon relatives or to call a doctor or other professional help that may be necessary. If you ever require temporary nursing care or the services of a home help the warden will help to arrange it.

It is part of the warden's job to check each day that all is well with the residents. The warden is not expected to undertake day-to-day care of any residents, nor, except in emergencies, to do shopping, collect pensions or prescriptions. Residents can often help each other by doing everyday tasks of this kind for one another, to supplement any help provided by relatives, friends, social services and other agencies. The warden has days off each week and an annual leave entitlement. During these periods a relief warden may be available.

Emergency Call System (back to top)
The warden is not on duty 24 hours a day, but will normally deal with emergencies when on site. The warden may be absent from home for short periods, e.g. to go shopping, and on these occasions an emergency call system may be switched over to the central control. You will be shown how to use the emergency call system when you move in. It will call the warden when he/she is on duty. When he/she is not, someone else will answer and get help to you quickly.
Please DO       

  • use the call system by day or night to get help for a sudden illness
    or accident.

Please DON'T

  • use the alarm to make normal contact with the warden.
  • tie up the pull cords or leave the alarm button on your bedside
    table. If you need help it may be out of reach.

Fire Precautions (back to top)
The almshouses comply with the appropriate fire regulations. Where a fire alarm system has been installed, the trustees will arrange with the Fire Officer for a fire drill from time to time and it is in everyone's interest that you should co-operate fully on these occasions.
Please DO

  • ask the warden what to do if the alarm rings, or if you discover a fire
  • ask the warden how to use the fire blankets provided
  • dispose of smoking materials safely

Please DON'T

  • wedge fire doors open; they prevent fire and smoke spreading only
    when shut
  • leave pans (especially chip pans) unattended
  • attempt to fight any fire. Leave the premises immediately shutting
    the door behind you

Communal Facilities (back to top)
A common room is for the use of all residents and their visitors for social and recreational activities or simply as a place to meet and talk. It is for you and your neighbours to decide what sort of activities you wish to arrange. There may be a residents' committee to do this. The warden will give help and advice if asked and should be kept informed of future plans as the warden is responsible for the room.

Repairs and Decoration (back to top)
The charity is responsible for both external and internal repairs and decoration to your home and the communal parts. Please report all necessary work to the warden or clerk who will arrange for it to be carried out. You will be consulted in advance about arrangements for redecoration. Decorators, etc., will not be allowed to enter while you are out unless you have agreed to satisfactory arrangements and none should be admitted by you unless they can identify themselves.

Insurance (back to top)
The trustees insure the buildings but not your belongings.  You are advised to arrange household contents insurance for your own things.
We would strongly advise you not to keep more cash in your home than you need for your day-to-day expenses. Any additional cash should be placed in a bank or Building Society. Please do not ask the warden to take care of money for you as she/he has been instructed by the trustees not to do so.

Television (back to top)
A special concession may be available under which residents pay only £5 each per year for a television licence if they are retired and of pensionable age. Residents aged over 75 should, however, be eligible for a free licence. Please be considerate to your neighbours in the use of TVs, radios, CD players, musical instruments, etc.

Cleaning (back to top)
You are responsible for keeping your own flat clean. If you have any problem in doing this, please tell the warden who will contact the Social Services Department to see if help can be arranged for you.
You are responsible for cleaning the inside of the windows in your flat, but the trustees employ a window cleaner who cleans the outside of all windows, the inside of the windows in the Lodge and, once a year, the uPVC fascias, soffits, rainwater goods, etc...
Cleaning of the lounge and general areas is also arranged by the trustees. The cost of this may be included in your Weekly Maintenance Charge.

Gardens (back to top)
The garden has been laid out for the use and benefit of all residents. Offers of help from you (or your relatives) in keeping the gardens looking attractive are welcome, subject to certain guidelines being followed.

Security (back to top)
Everyone living in the scheme should have an interest in the general security.

  • keep your front door locked at all times.


  • allow a stranger to enter your home without proof of identity.
  • assist a stranger to enter the site without proof of identity.

You must not fit locks and chains without the trustees' consent as these may delay access in an emergency. The trustees may be able to advise on alternative security arrangements.
Your privacy will be respected. The warden has strict instructions only to enter your home -

  • if you ask him or her to
  • if you have given permission for work to be done in your absence
  • in an emergency.

Additional keys should not be cut without the consent of the trustees as this would give access to people other than residents and might endanger security if they were lost.