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Terms of Occupancy

Licence to occupy (back to top)
You will have a copy of the licence to occupy which you signed when you were appointed a resident. As a beneficiary of an almshouse charity you are not a tenant, but the trustees cannot ask you to leave unless there are exceptional circumstances (see" Moving Out" page 8). You have agreed to pay a Weekly Maintenance Contribution which includes an amount for the services provided.

Relatives and visitors (back to top)
Whilst the warden is generally on hand to keep a friendly eye on residents in case of accident or illness, he or she cannot take the place of relatives or friends. We hope they will give you just the same support as they would if you were living in ordinary housing. With their help and co-operation, and support from Social Services if necessary, we hope you will find it possible to remain independent for as long as you wish.
Your home has been specially designed as sheltered housing for elderly people and is not really suitable for the accommodation of anyone extra.

Absence from home (back to top)
If you go away for any period please inform the warden or clerk in case there is an emergency. It may be advisable to take precautions against frost by turning off and draining the water system. This action may prevent damage. Absence for more than 28 days requires prior approval of the trustees.

Residents consultation (back to top)
The trustees will seek your comments on any important change in the running of the scheme. Meetings will be held periodically to discuss all matters that are of concern to residents.

Weekly Maintenance Contribution (W.M.C.) (back to top)
The W.M.C. is due each Monday in advance and you pay at the Warden's Office. You will be given a month's notice of any increase.
The amount you pay covers part of the cost of running the almshouses and includes:-

  1. Repairs and maintenance
  2. Warden's salaries
  3. Insurance
  4. Upkeep of the gardens
  5. Cleaning of communal areas
  6. Emergency call system

Housing Benefit (back to top)
If your income consists of the basic retirement pension and you have little or no capital you will almost certainly be entitled to Housing and Council Tax Benefits to help you with your housing costs. To claim these Benefits you should ask for a form from the Benefits Section of Gravesham Borough Council.
If you do have some additional income to your basic retirement pension you may still be entitled to some help with your housing costs and again you are advised to obtain the form from the Council and apply.
Your warden or clerk will be pleased to help if you are unsure of your entitlement.

Heating and hot water (back to top)
Heating is by gas central heating and is supplemented by a wall mounted gas fire in the lounge. In the interests of safety, of yourself and other residents, paraffin or calor gas heaters are forbidden. Electric fires are also forbidden.

Moving Out (back to top)
If you wish to move from the almshouses you must give the trustees four weeks written notice. During this notice period you will be liable for your W.M.C. payments even if you have already moved out.
In the event of prolonged ill-health, the trustees may advise seeking alternative suitable accommodation in consultation with your relatives and the Social Services. The trustees can only repossess your home if you persistently and without reasonable excuse disregard the regulations, behave offensively or become disqualified from retaining the appointment. You are reminded of the terms of your licence to occupy.