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General Information

Council Tax (back to top)
Each Resident is responsible for paying Council Tax to Gravesham Borough Council. You will receive a bill telling you how to pay. If you are the sole occupant then make sure that you receive the 25% reduction to which you are entitled.

Improvements and alterations to accommodation (back to top)
If you want to decorate or make any improvement or alteration to your accommodation, such as fitted cupboards, you must discuss the work first with the trustees. In some cases the Charity will pay for the work. Permission may be refused if the trustees consider that the alteration will reduce the amenities for subsequent occupants. Wallpapering is not permitted.

Pets (back to top)
Problems can sometimes arise over pets, especially in flats. For this reason, no pets are allowed.

Parking of vehicles (back to top)
Spaces for cars are provided in the designated areas. Please do not park vehicles elsewhere or allow your visitors to do so. They may block the way for ambulances or fire engines in an emergency.

Doctor (back to top)
If you already have your own doctor in the locality there is no need to make any change. If you do not have a doctor, or you are moving from another area, the warden will be able to give you the names of other doctors working in the neighbourhood who are interested in the care of elderly people.
You have every right to see your doctor, nurse or other carer alone, and to keep your medical affairs entirely to yourself if you wish. However, if you have a chronic health problem, you may feel safer if the warden knows about it so that sensible action may be taken in an emergency. Anything you tell the warden will be kept confidential.

Emergencies and sickness (back to top)
If you are ill or in difficulties, the warden or trustees will make every effort to get in touch with relatives, friends, the doctor, ambulance or social services on your behalf.
To make it possible to act quickly, the warden or trustees need to have a note of the name and address of your nearest relatives or friends and of your doctor. It is important that you should also let them know about any changes of address or telephone number of your relatives or friends and of your doctor.

Personal problems (back to top)
If you have any personal problems over money or any other matter and you have no family or friend who you feel able to consult, the trustees will be glad to give whatever help or advice they can. Let the warden know if you wish to see a trustee at any time.

Wills (back to top)
You are strongly advised to make a Will. If you wish to leave personal property to a relative or friend a Will is essential. A solicitor is the best person to help you make a Will, and if you require assistance in finding one, we suggest you contact your local Citizens' Advice Bureau. Ask the warden if you find this difficult.

Complaints procedure (back to top)
If you have a complaint, you should talk to the warden, the clerk or a trustee. In the event that it is not settled to your satisfaction, you should refer directly to the chairman of the trustees (address and telephone number on front cover). For charities, such as Pinnock's which are registered housing associations, residents have the right to refer complaints, which cannot be resolved by the charity's own complaints procedure, to the Independent Housing Ombudsman Limited at Norman House, 105-109 Strand, London, WC2R OAA, Telephone 0207-836-3630.

Rubbish (back to top)
Rubbish bins are provided. Please make sure that the rubbish area is kept clean and tidy. All kitchen refuse should be wrapped before putting in the bin.