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WHEREAS under and by virtue of Clauses 20 and 42 of the Scheme of the Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, made on the 29th June 1982 the Trustees of the above mentioned Charity are empowered to make and prescribe regulations for the conduct of their business and the government of the Almspeople.
Now the Trustees accordingly, and under and by virtue of every other power them enabling, make and prescribe the following REGULATIONS FOR ALMSPERSONS (hereinafter called RESIDENTS) and WARDENS.

  1. No Resident shall carry on any trade, business or profession whatsoever in any Almshouses or place belonging to the Charities or elsewhere without the consent in writing of the Trustees or their Secretary.
  2. No Resident shall keep any dog, cat, mouse, guineapig, rabbit, poultry, bird or animal whatever in any Almshouse, or place belonging to the Charities. Residents shall so use their rooms (and particularly their television or wireless sets) as to cause no nuisance or annoyance to their neighbours.
  3. Every Resident shall keep himself and herself, his or her rooms, and the bathroom and W.C. and outside sink drain, the portion of the corridor and the staircase adjoining the same, clean and wholesome and shall carry all his or her house and other refuse to the place provided for its reception and shall do and suffer no damage (beyond careful wear) to his or her rooms or any other property of the Charity.
  4. No Resident shall place or allow to remain any chattel in any corridor or under the verandah, or in any other part of the property of the Charity, except in the room or rooms occupied by such Resident.
  5. Every Resident shall take every reasonable precaution to prevent fire occurring upon any property of the Charity.
  6. No paraffin or combustible oil shall be used or kept in the Almshouses. Any defects in gas appliances or any escapes of gas must immediately be reported to the Wardens or the Deputy Warden.
  7. The Residents shall render such assistance to each other as within their power.
  8. Every Resident shall turn off his or her electric light whilst his or her room is unoccupied.
    Any Resident causing a waste of electricity will be held liable for the cost of the waste.
  9. No food shall be placed or allowed to remain in the passages of the Almshouses or in the gardens or anywhere on the Charity's property except in the proper containers.
  10. Doors must not be locked in any way which would prevent entrance by the Wardens.
  11. If a doctor's attendance is required the Warden should be notified before 9.00 a.m. except in an emergency.
  12. No Resident shall be absent from the Almshouses for a period exceeding one month without the consent in writing of the Trustees or their Secretary. In special cases such consent, for any sufficient reason, may be given retrospectively, after the absence has occurred.
  13. No Resident shall be permitted to let or part with the possession of the rooms allotted for him or her except with special permission from the Trustees by their Clerk. No Resident shall suffer any person to share the occupation of the same or any part thereof.
  14. In order to facilitate the carrying out of repairs or redecorations or the structural alterations of a block or blocks of the Almshouses, the Trustees may, in writing signed by their Clerk, require a Resident to give up possession of the room or rooms allotted to him or her and to remove all chattels therefrom, to other accommodation which the Trustees allot him or her. In default the Trustees may dispossess him or her and remove the said chattels aforesaid.
  15. If in the opinion of the Trustees any Resident has become so infirm or disabled as to be incapable of looking after himself or herself, then in the event of the Resident or some near relative of such Resident or other responsible person on whom the Resident has relied not being able to make suitable alternative arrangements, an application shall be made to the Medical Authorities with a view to the Resident being transferred to a County Old Persons Home or similar Institution. The Resident's chattels shall be removed from the rooms to restore a vacancy.
  16. The Warden shall take charge of the Lodge and Board Room Buildings, Gardens and Chattels belonging to the Charity and shall keep the same in good order and condition.
  17. The Deputy Warden when appointed shall in the absence of the Wardens stand in as Warden.
  18. The Wardens shall satisfy themselves that the Residents are duly observing and performing the regulations of the Charity and shall report  non-observance  or non-performance thereof to the Chairman of the Trustees or the Clerk if serious inconvenience or discomfort is caused to other Residents.
  19. The Wardens shall attend upon the Trustees and their Clerk and all their Committees whenever required so to do, and shall obey their and his orders.
  20. The Wardens shall upon the death of any Resident give notice to near relatives or other party upon whom the Resident relied of the death of the deceased and to the Clerk of the Trustees. The Wardens shall take charge of the key of the room or rooms when the representative of the deceased is not therein.

by ORDER of the Trustees at a Meeting held in the Board Room of St. Thomas's Almshouses on the 28th June 1991.
J.G. May Chairman

J.F. Little Vice-Chairman

Mrs. C.G. Sparrow

D.J. Bone

C. Frend-Morris

J.W. Lovell

Hon. Treasurer - P. W. Nebbs

Clerk and Hon. Secretary - C.P. Crowhurst